Please read the following instructions carefully :

Colleges are requested to check the ledger for the programs for correctness of the

  1. Student's Name
  2. College Name and code
  3. Specialization
  4. Course codes
  5. Course name
  6. Int - Min/Max Ext-Min/Max
  7. Total - Max
  8. Grace application
  9. CR (credits)

Student name should be in order

  1. Surname
  2. Student Name
  3. Father Name
  4. Mother Name (Mother name applicable only for unmarried student.)

Note: If any errors are found, colleges are requested to make an application to the Exam section requesting the change along with the duly signed supporting documents. If any student is not found in the ledger, then it’s because, colleges has not done the assessment (marks) entry on portal in the given time. Therefore, these student’s results are held back. To get the results of such students, colleges are expected to make an application to the exam section with the details of the marks along with the necessary evidence and signed supporting documents.